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Q: What is Bitcoin?
A:Bitcoin is a type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.
Q: What we are selling? 
A: We are selling Advertisement Traffic Packages like Text ADS and Banner ADS  with reseller Rights.So when you make a sale, the customer will pay you directly to your payment processor of your choice. Basically you will receive 100% commission on Selling Traffic Package. 
Q: Is there any AdminCharges?

A: Yes one time fees of 0.0005 for Admin Charges to the Bitcoin Address  1JjupUTzRQEzGzrrswjcqJzSJwcdXkC7pU for the maintainace of server.

Q: What is a member to member payment system? 
A: A member to member payment system is when you make a sale, the customer will pay you directly to your payment processor of your choice. Basically you will receive 100% commission. 
Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?
A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone! 
Q: Is this Program International?
A: Yes this program internationally.
Q: Can I have more than one account? 
A: No. You can have only 1 account. There is no reason to have more than one account except to cheat the system. 
Q: What Payment Processors can I use? 
A: You can use only BITCOIN to make or accept payments. 
Q:How fast can I make money with this business? 

A: We pay daily Member-To-Member, so how fast you make money is totally up to you. When you make a sale, the purchaser is required to send the Package Payment directly to you It can be Instant or within 24 hours if by any other Method. 

Q: Do you Give refunds? 
A: Your membership is NON-REFUNDABLE. All payments are final. We cannot refund money to you that has already been paid out to our members (or your Uplines). We never even handle that money - it is paid directly to our members. 
Q: Can I change my details (email, password) after joining? 
A: Yes, the Back-Office allows changes to your profile. The only thing you cannot change is your Username. 

Q: Can I promote my Referral Link and earn money being a Free Member?

A: NO. 

Q: I have received an email that say I have received a money. But when I checked my BTC Account I didn`t find any new transactions. What should I do? 
A: First of all, Check ALL your BTC payment accounts. Sometimes people can make mistakes.  However, some members may send a fake transaction ID without making a payment advisedly. In this case you must decline the order in your member area. 

Q: I submitted my payment but no one has confirmed yet, what should I do? 
A: Please allow 24 hours for your sponsor or upline to approve payment. If for some reason days passes, please contact admin immediately. Also, we have an auto approve system just in case admin is not reachable. It will take 5 days after you have submitted your transaction ID for the system to approve you automatically. But we are always around, this shouldn't be a problem. 

Q: I have paid, but have not been confirmed yet. What do I do? 
A: Please try to communicate with the member you sent the payment to. It is reasonable to allow at least 24 hours for them to confirm you in the system. If you are unable to communicate with the member; please contact us, and we will help resolve the issue for you. 
Q: Is this a pyramid or gifting, and is it legal? 
Only someone new to the Networking Industry would ask this question, and it is a legitimate question because no one wants to be involved in something illegal. So to answer the question, no this is not a pyramid or cash gifting. In pyramid schemes and gifting programs there are no products involved. People are just moving money around. We have real products, and when you send money to someone or someone sends money to you, it is for the "purchase" of one of our 10 Product Packages. TRAFFIC Products are being sold every day online. It’s a billion dollar industry, and it is not illegal.  You just happened to find one of the best because we allow our Resellers to keep 100% of the money from all sales! 

Q: Can I skip level 1 and order a package 2 or 3? 
A: No. You cannot skip levels. The low cost System is giving you great things, which makes it easy to build your future. That is what the system is doing. It is allowing you to build an investment with no risk and a fantastic return. 

Q: Are there any monthly fees or administration costs? 
A: No. There are no monthly fees or But we have one time 0.00074 BTC administration costs. 
Q: Can I change my details (email, password) after joining? A: Yes, your Back Office allows you to make changes to your profile. The only detail you cannot change is your Username. 
Q: Does Bitcoin Funnel issue tax documents or collect tax info? 
A: NO. You are NOT an employee or agent of The Bitcoin Funnel . You are responsible for maintaining your own records for tax purposes in accordance with your country or state's laws and requirements.